Electric Violinist

Did you know there are electric violins, violas, and cellos? Yes, you can hook up a violin to an amp just like a guitar!
In general, string players play on traditional wooden, acoustic instruments. Of course, there is a beauty and serendipity in the acoustic sound that makes our traditional string quartets a popular selection for events.
However, electric instruments electrify (no pun intended) a performance in a number of exciting ways.
To start, plugged in means you can adjust the volume of the instrument. Second, you can change the sounds coming from the instrument, meaning a violin can sound like an electric guitar! Imagine a group of string players standing on your stage performing like rockstars!
Last, our electric players can come as a duo, solo, trio, or quartet and you’d still get the awesome effects and wonderful sound projection. Check out our videos below.

Electric Violinist at Bond No.9

DJ & Electric Violinist

Electric Violin Duo

Electric String Quartet


female electric violinist

electric violinist

electric violinist

New York Virtuosi Electric Violinist female electric violinistTed Baker Electric String Quartet Tribecafemale electric cello player Electric Violinist Sarah with her pink violin at New York Highline