Harp Player

“I stood on the edge of that abyss between man and beast and played my harp for you, checking each note, one by one, to see if it would reach you.”

― Nahoko Uehashi, The Beast Player


“It was a girl playing a harp, like in an orchestra.”

― Paul Fleischman, Whirligig


“Glorious is the Voice of Man, and sweet is the music of the harp.”

― Richard Llewellyn, How Green Was My Valley


“And tears are heard within the harp I touch.”

― Petrarch

From angels sitting on clouds in timeless paintings to comedians taking a breath from dufus antics to bedazzle their audience, the harp is no stranger to popular and classical culture. For millennia, the harp has entranced and captivated people.

Harps are found within all nationalities and traditions across the globe. Our harpist uses a standard pedal harp.  A full-size concert pedal harp typically stands about 6-feet high and covers a six-and-a-half-octave range encompassed in 40 to 47 strings! No wonder when a harp is on stage, it commands attention.

Luckily for New York Virtuosi, we get to work with a wonderful harpist. Whether you desire a solo harp player for a cocktail hour or want a harp and flute combination for the main wedding ceremony, your wish is our priority. The harpist’s repertoire includes classical music, pop covers, and Broadway music! We can also perform as a duo in the combination of violin, violoncello, and flute!

Check out the videos below.


Harp – Flute Duo

Harp – Violin Duo

Harp – Cello Duo