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Electric Violinists

Did you know there are electric violins, violas, and cellos? Yes, you can hook up a violin to an amp just like a guitar!
In general, string players play on traditional wooden, acoustic instruments. Of course, there is a beauty and serendipity in the acoustic sound that makes our traditional string quartets a popular selection for events.
However, electric instruments electrify (no pun intended) a performance in a number of exciting ways.
To start, plugged in means you can adjust the volume of the instrument. Second, you can change the sounds coming from the instrument, meaning a violin can sound like an electric guitar! Imagine a group of string players standing on your stage performing like rockstars!
Last, our electric players can come as a duo, solo, trio, or quartet and you’d still get the awesome effects and wonderful sound projection. Check out our videos below.



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