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String Quartet/String Trio

With more than hundred of performances at wedding venues around Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island you can trust us to provide a memorable musical performance and take care of your special ceremony music requests you may have. Our clients can hire our string ensemble for a bridal luncheon, welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony or for wedding reception. The New York Virtuosi string quartet and string trio are beloved by our clients for their versatility and powerful sound. While the quartet is known for being the best sounding ensemble with most of our repertoire arranged specifically for them, the trio still delivers a beautiful performance, though with a slightly more empty sound. You can mix the ensemble by adding a flute player, harp player or a vocalist.

Long Island & Hamptons Wedding String Quartet | New York Virtuosi
New York Virtuosi string quartet performing during wedding ceremony.

With a repertoire of over three hundred songs spanning pop covers, classical, Broadway, Jewish, Bollywood music, and jazz we are prepared to cater to your musical preferences. Our clients have the freedom to choose almost any song or piece of music in the world, and our arranger can create a custom string arrangement for you.

Justin Bieber “Peaches” string quartet cover

The New York Virtuosi string players showcase their skills on acoustic violins, violas, and cellos for these ensembles. If you prefer amplified instruments, we can accommodate your request for electric ones. Explore our electric string quartet & violinists for a unique experience! Choose from over three hundred songs in various genres for a truly customized musical experience at your event.



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